Wild Capture is excited to announce that CEO Will Driscoll will be a featured speaker at the inaugural HAND (Human & Digital) webinar, “Challenges and Opportunities in AI Talent Utilization.”  The virtual-only event, set for February 7, 2024, will bring together industry experts from media, entertainment, performing arts, and sports to discuss the ethical and legal dimensions of AI's impact on talent. The event is moderated by Will Kreth, HAND CEO, and Muki Kulhan, Innovation Co-Lead at IBC Accelerators.

Driscoll will be speaking on the first of three panels titled “The State of AI Talent Utilization.” The session aims to explore the current landscape and future outlook of actual and virtual talent in film, TV, sports, gaming, and beyond.

During the session, Driscoll will highlight Wild Capture's digital human technologies and services and its commitment to talent identification and digital rights management, including:

  • A breakdown of the different types of AI used in production and their respective purposes. 
  • Dispelling misconceptions between performance capture of humans for use in virtual spaces versus AI-generated digital humans.
  • Wild Capture’s efforts in developing best practices for assigning performer/talent with an interoperable, persistent ID at the time of capture -- similar in nature to a global barcode -- based on standards and protocols managed by the registration authority of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Foundation.

The event follows Wild Capture’s strategic partnership with HAND, announced in November 2023, the first global B2B Talent ID registry. The collaboration aims to enhance efficient discoverability, royalty collection, and revenue tracking of notable real and virtual humans, with Wild Capture implementing a digital rights solution for volumetric video performance capture within its powerful Digital Human Platform.

Driscoll has a rich background in volumetric video production and is a leading figure in digital human technology. Throughout his career, he has worked in both technical and creative roles and has made significant contributions to the industry, including as a technical director at Intel Studios | Sports, for which he was awarded the Lumiere Award for his work on ‘Enter the Tomb: Tutankhamun.’ 

HAND Webinar: “Challenges and Opportunities in AI Talent Utilization”

  • Date: February 7, 2024 – 9:00 am – 10:30 am (Pacific)
  • Session: “The State of AI Talent Utilization.”
  • Register: The HAND webinar is free-of-charge. Additional event and registration info is available here.

About HAND (Human & Digital)
HAND (Human & Digital) is an interoperable Talent ID registry (in beta) working with Sony Pictures Entertainment, AFI (the American Film Institute), Wild Capture, and more to provide essential provenance automation by uniquely identifying notable legal-entity Humans, connected Virtual Humans, and Fictional Characters across entertainment and sports.

About Wild Capture
Headquartered in Los Angeles, Wild Capture is a developer of digital human technologies leading the way for volumetric capture stages and creatives to produce high-quality digital humans. In early 2022, Wild Capture introduced its next-generation Digital Human Platform, a cloud-based, volumetric video suite of products to enable the capture and use of human performances that seamlessly integrate into 3D production pipelines for unmatched accuracy and realism.