• Tuesday, May. 14, 2024
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Colorist Mark Sanna joins Preymaker
Mark Sanna
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Creative and technology studio Preymaker has added colorist Mark Sanna to its creative team. Among his credits are campaigns for Verizon, Google, Ralph Lauren and McDonald’s, as well as most recently Xfinity’s highly acclaimed “Aviators,” from director Kathryn Bigelow and cinematographer Greig Fraser, both Academy Award winners. One of the world’s first 100% cloud-native studios, Preymaker with the hire of Sanna fortifies its pioneering “Color in the Cloud” offering--which they launched in 2021, billed as a world first for color grading. Sanna will be available to collaborate in person with directors, cinematographers and creatives at Preymaker’s brand new, Manhattan studio while also having the capability to host color sessions and collaborate with clients based anywhere in the world using Preymaker’s virtual “Cloud-Stage.” 
Sanna brings extensive creative experience in lighting, compositing, design and animation, making him uniquely nimble as a colorist and able to leverage the creative team and tools in Preymaker’s fully integrated creative cloud pipeline from beginning to completion of any project. 
Angus Kneale, chief creative at Preymaker, said, “Mark’s experience is invaluable, He has made a name for himself crafting high quality content and creating stunning work for clients. Mark is highly collaborative and works closely with directors, creatives and cinematographers to create truly memorable work. Mark is also very excited about innovating and defining new ways of doing things. The way we approach color gives our clients a huge advantage to work on color throughout the entire creative process, not just at the beginning or the end. Virtual, in real-time at the highest quality from anywhere in the world through the entire creative process.”
“Preymaker offered me an opportunity to carve out a unique role for myself,” Sanna explained. “VFX and color are best when integrated into the same pipeline, so I’m able to refine and make adjustments throughout the entire creative process without having to break the VFX or finishing flow of work. Color in Preymaker’s Cloud gives our clients a huge advantage in quality and speed. As a colorist I get the best of both worlds. I can collaborate in-person with directors, cinematographers and creatives working out of the Color Suite in our new SoHo Studio and I get to use the latest in cutting edge technology.  I always enjoy the agile experimentation every project entails.”
Sanna’s body of work shares in common a cinematic aesthetic, but isn’t limited to any one style. Sanna said he prefers to “stay adaptable in this fast moving space, work collaboratively and deploy a design-focused methodology to each project’s different needs.” 
Sanna has been colorist for a number of short films, including the award-winning Foreign People, directed by Michelle Roginsky. Set against beautiful landscapes and a rich color palette, the film depicts a Ukrainian/Russian couple whose relationship unravels as they drive toward Tijuana to cross the border at the onset of the war in Ukraine. He also was colorist on the tactile and hypnotic immersive short Winter, director and artist Jamie Scott’s latest seasonal time-lapse film which was shot over five years across New York State and Montreal, and on music videos for artists Pink Siifu and Fly Anakin


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