Friday, Aug. 9, 2019
Inside SHOOT's August/September Issue...."Midyear Report Card" feature includes perspectives from production industry and ad agency executives who share insights into the year so far including trends and work. In the "Cinematographers & Cameras" feature, cinematographers discuss collaborative relationships with directors and recent camera choices. There's also SHOOT's quarterly "Top Ten Music Tracks" and "Top Ten VFX & Animation" Charts, as well as part 14 of our 16-part "Road to Emmy" series featuring Emmy nominees involved in "Chernobyl," "Fleabag," "Jack Ryan," "Ozark," "Russian Doll," "Series of Unfortunate Events"and "When They See Us." | Click PDF link below to open/download August/September 2019 Issue of SHOOT Magazine. | Note: SHOOT PDF issues best viewed using latest version of Acrobat reader (especially on Mobile devices). For free download & install visit:
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