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  • 2014 Billboard Awards Opener

    ThinkBreatheLive (TBL) has made a spectacular return to the Billboard Music Awards. This year the creative firm provided creative direction and vide

    By: sarah@breatheed...

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    8 years ago 

    8 years ago 

    2014 Billboard Awards Opener


  • SyFy's Dramatic New Series "Dominion" Promo

    To launch its epic new series “Dominion,” SyFy tapped 2C to pull out the stops on promos packed with blockbuster movie trailer intensity. 2C, which had worked with SyFy on previous series launches, responded with several pulse-pounding spots that capture the series’ intensity and build suspense for its June 19 premiere.

    By: Priority PR

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    8 years ago 

    8 years ago 

    SyFy's Dramatic New Se...


  • HGTV's Brother Vs. Brother Series Promo

    HGTV's popular twins Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, aka Property Brothers, return this summer with a new season of ultimate sibling rivalry in the hit series

    By: HYPE

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    8 years ago 

    8 years ago 

    HGTV's Brother Vs. Bro...


  • 2C Media's Epic Live-Action Promo Campaign for All-New Season ...

    2C Media and CMT joined forces again to promote an all-new season of the network’s highest rated original series “Party Down South,” from the producers of “Jersey Shore” (6/5 premiere).

    2C conceptualized and developed the campaign creative—three :30 spots and eight :15 character spots that put the cast front and center, going beyond the typical clip-driven campaign. The promos play up the characteristics of eight larger-than-life personalities, getting to the heart of what makes this show so irresistible: its unapologetic, youthful and carefree cast.

    By: Brada PR

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    8 years ago 

    8 years ago 

    2C Media's Epic Live-A...


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