“The Gray Man” Design Montage


Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022


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CIA’s top assassin, Sierra Six, uncovers some very compromising agency secrets triggering a worldwide manhunt. The film is two whole hours of non-stop action and suspense that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. Add to that stunning visual effects and insanely beautiful locations and the experience is a world into which you want to escape.

Our team was brought into this project during the script phase to help develop the look and feel of the film from a motion design perspective. The process started with a series of brainstorming sessions.

For each of those sessions, we prepared treatments and we had an open discussion with the directors, editors, executive producers, cinematographer, the vfx supervisor and other key creatives. This way, if any of the ideas involved production, everybody involved would be aware and could start planning prior to production.

In the end, we created an opening title, locators & time indicators throughout the film, and an epic main-on-end title sequence.


Project Credits: “The Gray Man” Opening Title, Main-On-End Title, and Locators

Client: AGBO
Film Directors: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
Producers: Jake Aust, Tim Pedegana
Editors: Jeff Groth, Pietro Scalia
Assistant Editors: John To, Jennifer Stellema, Josh Steele

Production Company: Sarofsky
Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Creative Director: Duarte Elvas
Producer: Kelsey Hynes
Editor: Tom Pastorelle
Finishing: Cory Davis
Look Development: Juan García Segura, Stefan Draht, Matt Miltonberger
CG Lead: Tyler Scheitlin
CG Artists: Jake Allen, Scott Pellman, Dan Moore, Dan Tiffany
Typography: Cat McCarthy, João Vaz Oliveira
Sculptors: Soumya Verma, R.A. Esnard
Storyboard Artist: Tricia Kleinot

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