“Better Together”


Tuesday, May. 5, 2020


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Greencard Pictures today debuted “Better Together,” a short film designed to put a smile on the faces of quarantined families and kids of all ages. Directed by Zac Stuart-Pontier (The Jinx, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Catfish), the short combines live action scenes of deserted New York City streets with animation and an original song to share a simple and upbeat message through children’s eyes that even though we’re apart, we’re better together. 

The film was Executive Produced by Greencard Pictures Founder Emily Wiedemann (The Clovehitch Killer, Two Sentence Horror Stories) and Partner Chazz Carfora (Stories from the Felt, Two Sentence Horror Stories) who worked with the company’s network of creators to bring the project to life. It is available now via Greencard Pictures’ social channels and on Vimeo.

The concept was initiated by Stuart-Pontier, who while walking his dog in the eerily empty streets of Manhattan, began filming locked-off shots of his typically bustling West Village neighborhood and Washington Square Park. At first, he wasn’t sure what to do with the shots, but figured they might be interesting to share with his young son when he was older. It was this frame of reference that ultimately inspired him to create a piece that would speak from the perspective of children during the lockdown.


Screenwork Credits

Produced by Greencard Pictures Director: Zac Stuart-Pontier, Executive Producer: Emily Wiedemann, Executive Producer: Chazz Carfora, Executive Producer: Dani Zeitlin, Illustrator: Pete McCoubrey, Animation Producer: Darius Turbak, Animator: Bo Cai, Editor: Rob Sismondo; Additional footage provided by: Aaron Wesner, Julian Marshall; Production Manager: Ariel Joseph, Composer: Rosaleen Eastman, Performed by Mr. Bugaboo, Mix: Roman Zeitlin, Sound Design: Roman Zeitlin, Kenny Kusiak; Colorist: Adrian Seery, Cast: Goldie Furgason & Teddy Stuart-Pontier, Chorus: Violet Adams, Carolyn Malie Aho, Camden Barber, Ayden Caputo, Frankie Caputo, Lilly Coggin, Marianne Daley, Erin Dambrie, Caroline Donato, Emily Dyer, Lauren Ehrhart, Elle Fowler, Evie Grace Fowler, Ruby Frischer, Lyla Furlong, Anabelle Glinberg, Mara Glinberg, McNaron Gray, Norah Grimsley, Olivia Grimsley, Kyla Harrison, Cecilia Hartney, Anna Heath, Averie Howell, Joy Huff, Gabriel Hughes, Griffin Hughes, Shriya Khullar, Victoria Lange, Elizabeth Lentz, Genesis Martin, Payton Martin, Taylor Martin, Elizabeth McCalla, Olivia McCalla, Eloise McDonald, June Murdock, Karlye Kate Nguyen, Ellie Palmer, Lucy Roberts, Lily Sarno, Violet Sarno, Uma Satpute, Savannah Savas, Luciana Szatkowski, Emmanuel Tsao, Veronica Tsao, Olivia VanSteenberg, Shae Westman, Vianne Westman, Sasha Zeitlin

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