“Reflections” UU4VE Vaccination PSA


Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021


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In the ongoing effort to get more of the nation vaccinated, a group of urologists have banded together to try a completely different approach. Urologists United For Vaccination Education, a newly formed collective of over fifteen of the brightest minds and biggest voices in the field of urology, is focusing on recent studies that men who’ve had COVID are 6X more likely to get Erectile Dysfunction. 

In a new irreverent PSA dropping in advance of National Impotency Month in November, the urologists, along with SNL alum Tim Meadows, enlighten men on how a simple shot in the arm could save something near and dear to them: their boners. The film features a diverse group of men lovingly reflecting on the importance of their precious possession.

The concept was developed by Quality Meats, a boutique creative advertising agency who not only wrote and produced the PSA, but also conceived the entire organization. “We stumbled across this fact and thought, with all the vaccine hesitancy out there, guys need to hear this. Especially younger guys who think they’re not at risk but might be not thinking about the long-term effects. Hopefully shining a light on “schlong COVID” will motivate them to reconsider,” said Brian Siedband, Quality Meats Co-Founder/Creative Director. “We originally approached government agencies and brands with the idea, but realized it would be most powerful and credible coming directly from the experts, specifically experts of the penis. And knowing it’s a sensitive topic for any traditional organization, we decided to create one ourselves, contacting urologists one by one. They’re all so passionate about saving penises, it didn’t take much convincing,” said Gordy Sang, Quality Meats Co-Founder/Creative Director

Men who've had COVID are 6X more likely to develop Erectile Dysfunction.

Go to http://UU4VE.org to learn more.


Agency: Quality Meats
Creative Directors: Gordy Sang/Brian Siedband
Executive Producer: Kacey Hart
Account Director: David Kaplan
Account Director: Meredith Metzl 
Director: Brad Morris

Production Co: The BMP Film Co.
Director of Photography: Jon Hamblin
Executive Producer: Ben Mahoney
Producer: Erin Zeller
Colorist:  Matt Phillips
Audio Mixer: Tom Haigh

Editorial Co.: Cutters
Editor: Grant Gustafson

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