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"Behind-the-Scenes" Interview with Christian Slater for MR. ROBOT: Season 3


Lynne C
Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017


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"Behind-the-scene" interview with Golden Globe winner Christian Slater teases Season 3 of MR. ROBOT and opens a window into the psychological thriller’s compelling storyline.

Black Spot released its new, behind-the-scenes shorts for Season 3 of the critically acclaimed and Golden Globe®-winning drama, MR. ROBOT - produced with USA Network’s Senior Creative Director Christina Hedrick. These shorts feature compelling interviews with Emmy®-Winner Rami Malek, Golden Globe® winner Christian Slater, and Emmy-nominee and newly minted series regular B.D. Wong, and provide a rare glimpse into the complexities of their respective characters. 

Designed to help tease Season 3 of MR. ROBOT, these shorts artfully open a window into the psychological thriller’s compelling storyline and the continued adventures of Malek’s character Elliot Alderson, a young computer engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night.


USA Network  Christina Hedrick, Senior Creative Director

Black Spot Credits John Laskas, Partner/Creative; Carla Sacks, Executive Producer; Evan Jake Cohen, Director of Photography; Bryan Hodge, Art Director; Jason Howe, Senior Editor; Matt Morrettini, Editor; Scott Silva, Editor

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