"Below The Surface AR" - Resn and Sea Shepherd Teaser


Monday, Feb. 17, 2020


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Resn and Sea Shepherd Unveil Environmental Call-To-Action “Below the Surface AR.” 

Digital design and experience studio Resn and environmental non-profit Sea Shepherd have joined forces to create Below the Surface AR—a shocking augmented reality experience for mobile devices that aims to raise awareness by putting users at the center of the harsh reality of commercial fishing. 

Deadly legal fishing methods are killing thousands of dolphins every year. Below the Surface AR - an experience made by Resn for and with Sea Shepherd immerses you in the shocking reality of bycatch.

Bycatch—it’s a term coined by the fishing industry that means anything caught by fishing boats that isn’t the target species. That innocent-sounding word hides a brutal reality: billions of unwanted animals are slaughtered every year to put fish on your plate.

The figures are staggering. About 40% of worldwide fish catch is bycatch. Birds, turtles, dolphins, whales and countless other species are caught by fishing vessels and then dumped back into the ocean, dead or dying. In 2019 alone, over 11,000 dolphins were killed off the west coast of France. Although many have tried to raise the alarm bell about the issue, the problem is only getting worse.


Client: Sea Shepherd

Design Studio: Resn

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