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"Brigitte Moreau" Short Film


Friday, Sep. 20, 2019


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Brigitte Moreau, played by Valentine Payen, day dreams of French icons of 60s Paris. Her plan is to write a book of short stories detailing of how she inspired Jean-Luc Godard and strolled around with Jacques Dutronc, however all this might just be might just be the distraction Brigitte is after.


Written and directed by Danny Sangra

Producer by Control Films

Brigitte Moreau - Valentine Payen
Mathlide's sister - Anne France Bourgeois
Director of Photography - Alex Lamarque
Producers - Jacques Etienne Stein & Herve Dommage
Line Producer - Carl Cohen
Production co-ordinator - Josephine De Carolis
1st AD - Louis Rambaldi
Set designer - Sarianne Plaisant
Costume Supervisor - Sylvie Neant
Hair & Make-Up - Giulia Cohen
1st camera assistant - Frank Leclerc
2nd camera assistant - Luca Leclerc
Sound - Julien Sena
DIT - Samuel Beal-Rainaldy
Gaffer - Thomas Duprel
Local dept - Alexis Bron
Colourist - Jack McGinity
Music & Sound engineer - Jose Saudinos

Music for Brigitte's dance created by Jimmy Cass

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