Bud Light Chelada “Cheliamos” :30


Tuesday, Apr. 27, 2021


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To crack open the celebration, FCB invited Sarofsky's visual maestros to get creative with the iconic brand elements of their dreams. Beginning with the famed Anheuser-Busch brand mark and Bud Light's signature typography, the storyline casts all four beverages representing Bud Light Chelada's product line. Using consummate motion-controlled live-action cinematography, bold design and flawless visual effects, the sparkling, effervescent goodness hypnotically swirls, pours, and resolves into a tantalizing enticement.


Project Credits: Bud Light Chelada Campaign
Spot Title and Length: "Cheliamos" (:30)

Agency: FCB
SVP, Executive Creative Director: Amy Ditchman
VP, Creative Director: Tony Mavrelis
Senior Art Director: Sean Ellis
Copywriter: Rene Otero
VP, Director of Production: Joe Tipre
Producer: Joy Carson
Senior Broadcast Business Manager: Ellen Kuratnik
VP, Executive Producer of Music: Stump Mahoney
SVP, Group Management Director: Howard Klein
Account Director: Katie McNulty

Design/Production Company: Sarofsky
Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Creative Director: Stefan Draht
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Producer: Andrew Rosenstein
Line Producer, Live Action Elements: Karen Carter
VFX Supervisor: Cory Davis
Editor: Jamie Gray
3D Artists: Tanner Wickware, Matt Miltonberger, Tony Agliata, Jake Allen, Sean Skube,
Compositor: Jacob Dailey

Live Action Directors: The Barkers
Director of Photography: Isaiah Jay
Beverage Effects Rigger: Geoff Binns-Calvey

Music Composer: Jonathan Tyler
Audio Company: Lord & Thomas
Senior Producer: Alex Bartczak
Audio Engineer: Batsirayi Zesaguli

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