Charter Communications' "Better Way: Island"


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Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019


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"Better Way: Island" centers on a group of primitive island dwellers who prod one of their fellows into swimming to a nearby atoll to fetch pineapples. After they reject his big idea of building a boat, he reluctantly dives in and is promptly devoured by a sea creature. The VO observes, eventually someone has a better idea, like a boat, or in this case with Spectrum Mobile, offering the fastest overall mobile speeds and reliability.


Agency: Something Different.
Patti McConnell, Managing Partner; Tommy Henvey, Partner/Chief Creative; Richard Ryan, Creative Director; Garrett Crabb, Senior Producer; Meghan Linehan, Director of Accounts.

Production: The Corner Shop.
James Rouse, Director; Anna Hashimi, Executive Producer; Jessica Miller, Head of Production; Benji Howell, Producer; Antonio Paladino, Director of Photography; Laura Sabat, Production Designer; Lindsey McLean. Stylist; Red Miller, Makeup Artist

Edit: Crew Cuts.
Jake Jacobsen, Partner/Editor; Craig Rohrer, 2nd Editor; Cal Ciarcia, Assistant Editor; Nancy Jacobsen, Partner/Executive Producer; Diana Seldin, Producer; Benedict McNamara, Graphics; Roman Zeitlin Mixer

VFX: Framestore.
Martin Lazaro, VFX Supervisor; Dez Macleod-Veilleux, Executive Producer; Sarah Hiddlestone, Director of Production; Nick Fraser, Senior Producer

Color: Color Collective.
Alex Bickel, Partner/Colorist      

Music: JSM Music.
Joel Simon, CEO/CCO; Jeff Fiorello, Executive Producer; Norm Felker, Producer; Andrew Manning, Producer

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