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Chipita Bake Rolls' "Duel"


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Monday, Apr. 23, 2018


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For a new spot for snack food giant Chipita, director Peter Dietrich created a scene straight out of a classic Western. A clean-cut stranger walks into a bar and engages in a test of marksmanship with a surly tough guy. The tough guy shoots a silver dollar out of the air. The stranger responds, incongruously, by firing at a package of baked rolls and, seemingly, missing wildly. A moment later, the stranger quiets the laughter of the cowboys in the saloon when he opens the package and reveals that all the round bread chips have holes.


Client:  Chipita

Agency: Black Cherry.
Christos Kerassiotis, Executive Creative Director; Paco Karabas, Producer;  Stamatis Athanasoulas, Executive Producer.

Director:  Peter Dietrich (represented in the U.S. by A Common Thread)

Post:  Digital Straik.
Tolis Apostolidis, Editor; Bernie Greiner, Colorist.

Music/Sound:  Klaus Lehr

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