Coors Banquet's "Exchange"


Thursday, Apr. 9, 2020


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The Timber team collaborated with legendary Director/DP Janusz Kaminski and creative agency Mekanism on the new Coors Banquet campaign. The series of black-and-white vignettes depict the reasons why Coors Banquet has been “Stolen, smuggled & sought after since 1873.” The award-winning Timber team provided visual effects and post-production on the new three-spot campaign, with Paul Martinez of Arcade as Editor. 


Client: Coors Banquet 
Spot Titles: “Exchange,” “Run,” “Backstage” 

Creative Agency: Mekanism
Executive Creative Director: Tommy Means
Creative Director: Matt Fishvogt 
Associate Creative Director: Aaron Cathey 
Art Director: Flip Diao 
Managing Producer/Executive Producer: Jessica Eliasek 

Production Company: Independent Media 
Director: Janusz Kaminski 
Executive Producer: Susanne Preissler 
Producer: Joan Babchak 

Editorial Company: Arcade 
Editor: Paul Martinez 
Assistant Editor: Matt Laroche 
Managing Partner/EP: Damian Stevens 
Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone 
Producer: Sarah Schachte 

Color/Postproduction Company: Sparkle at Technicolor 

VFX/Postproduction Company: Timber 
Creative Director: Marek Glaser 
Executive Producer: Lisa Houck 
Flame Artists: Talia Gleason, Brian Schneider 
Flame Assist: Alice Cen 
Nuke Artist: Artur Elson 
Producer: Annie Chen

Contact Name: 
Colleen O'Mara
Contact phone: 
(310) 489-4628‬
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