Doc About Jewish Food Gets a Comedic Promo From Director Kiran Koshy


Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020


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Every December since 1946, a debate has raged on at the University of Chicago between intellectuals, about which is the more perfect Jewish food: Latke vs Hamantash. Producer Amy Krause, who's working on a documentary about the debate, approached Slash Dynamic director Kiran about a promo for it. ‘The Last Word’ is the product of that conversation. So, summing it up, it’s a promo film about a documentary film about a debate about Jewish food. Simple.


Producer - Amy Krause, Director and Writer - Kiran Koshy

Agency - Nigel & Co

Production Company - Slash Dynamic | Owner/EP - Tanya Cohen, DOP - Jeff Sukes, Gaffer - Caleb Richardson, Editor - David Beerman, Production Designer - Sally Rubiner, Colorist - Charles Gerstner, Music - Charles Gerstner, Mix - TJ Callaway, Animation - Fellow, VO - Jay Nelson Talent - Arthur James Rubiner, Stephanie Kates, Izzie Kates, Eli Kates

Contact Name: 
NIgel & Co.
Contact phone: 
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