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Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024


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DoorDash unveiled a massive giveaway during this year’s Super Bowl in a full-CG stylized spot directed by Lord Danger, partner Mike Diva for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. 

Given a high-level concept, starring quite possibly the world’s longest winding promo code aimed to highlight how consumers can get almost anything delivered with DoorDash, Diva was inspired to take the audience on a dynamic roller coaster ride, and activated creative studio Lord Danger and sister company Modern Logic to help bring the project to life. Together, the team created the hero :30 commercial and :30 teaser in less than three months. 

The ambitious concept is built around the ultimate giveaway of a prize package worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, everything from Doritos, Kia SUVs to M&M’S® and even Popeyes — all featured in their own respective brand ads during the game. Initially, the spot was envisioned to incorporate photogrammetry and 3D scans. However, with the ever-changing brands to be featured in the big game still coming into focus during production—the decision was made to pivot to a full CG approach, a path already being followed for the teaser. Instead of having to find a physical location that would require lidar scanning, set dressing, and significant post production, design artists were able to create a custom designed house and the surrounding environment in 3D. This allowed for more flexibility in mapping out virtual camera movements – without requiring extensive rigging, or replacements, and enabled the team to quickly adjust the products and brands featured in the spot. 

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Client: DoorDash | Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Production Company: Lord Danger
Director: Mike Diva, Managing Director: Josh Shadid, Executive Producer: Anthony Ficalora

Design, CG, & VFX Production: Modern Logic
Managing Director: Michael Bennett, Executive Producer: Monica Reimold, Producer: Ashlie Iacocca, Creative Director: Brandon Parvini, Art Director: Eugene Guaran, Senior Animator: David Ariew, Senior Animator: Ethan Chancer, 3D Designer/Animator: Tim Devlin,
3D Animator: Clarissa Pena, 3D Designers: William Mendoza, Emily Davis, 2D Animator: Kiel Mutschelknaus, Editor: Andrew Henry

VFX Support: The Artery
Executive Creative Director: Elad Offer, Vico Sharabani | Founder/CCO, Executive Producer: Deborah Sullivan, VFX Producer: Thurman Martin III, VFX Coordinators: Margot Bennett, Gerry Orz, CG Lead: Meny Hilsenrad, CG Artists: Steve Shohl, Joe Grundfast, Noemi Millan, Dave Stewar, Compositing: Mark French, Asrif Atterwala, Samantha Diaz, Colorist: Stephen Picano

Music: Lord Danger, Music
Composer: David Dahlquist, Executive Producer: Josh Shadid, Creative Producer: Michael Frick

Representation: Ripple Reps, Annie Schmittgens

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