Expansive Graphic Toolkit for TCM's '31 Days of Oscar' Finds Ethereal Magic in Cinema History


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Monday, Feb. 11, 2019


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What do you get when you fuse 91 years of cinema history with a cosmic ether of light, shadow, space and time and project it all through the camera’s lens? TCM explores the answer in its promotional concept for the network's “31 Days of Oscar.” 

To execute its vision, TCM tapped 2C Creative for an expansive graphic toolkit, blending the many things this substance might include – light, stars, bioluminescent fluid – and transporting it into the abstract interior of a classic film projector. Once inside, the experience becomes an otherworldly journey from muse to final masterpiece. 2C created the projector in 3D and added texture to give it a premium vintage feeling and TCM branding, while the interior machinations drew inspiration from art deco forms. Inside, 2C evoked light and authenticity by subtly blending transparency, a projector flicker and grain in the treatment of titles and hero logos.



SVP, Marketing, Brand Creative, Production and Talent: Pola Changnon
Sr. Creative Director: Chuck Moore
Sr. Art Director: Jin Lim
Writer/Producer: David Byrne
Supervising Producer: Keith Greenstein
Production Director: Julie Bitton

Turner Studios

Editor: Jessica Teal
Composer/Sound Designer: Reid Hall 


Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan
General Manager, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma
Design Director: Luis Martinez
Executive Producer, Graphics: Bob Cobb
Creative Director: Ben Frank
Motion Graphics Artist: Andy Fernandez
Designer: Aaron Magee
3D Artist: Akel Issa

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