F the Plus: Stories of Failed Asian Excellence (Trailer)


Raging Artists
Monday, Jun. 17, 2019


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Written and directed by Warren Lam, F the Plus: Stories of Failed Asian Excellence is the story of Ernie Yee, who embodies Asian excellence: he maintains a 4.7 GPA, plays piano and violin. But when he dates Cindy, who is “untraditional,” Ernie realizes he’s seriously underachieving in his ability to orally satisfy a woman. To remedy this, he must find a guide, his “Mr. Miyagi.” Sound advice, it turns out, comes from the unlikeliest of places. To reveal more would diminish the joy of experiencing this dark comedic satire, which pokes fun at the “model minority.”


Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Warren Lam

Cast: Ernie Yee: Sean Ching, Cindy Kim: Jessica Yang, Si-fu: Michael Sorensen, Brian Yee: Victor S. Chi, Cameron Yee: John Wusah, Norman Yamaski: Ian Alvarez, Mute Assistant: Sean Humphries, Voice Of Ddk: Sean Ching, Bff: Chris Yeijin, Mother: Crystal Lee

Producer/Sound Operator: Michael Sorensen

Music: Extreme Music

Original Music: “Blurred Fantasy”
Li Yiu, Composer
Assistant To The Producer: Julia Kostenevich
Sound/Audio Mixer: Eric Hemion

Props: Sean Humphries

Herbs Consultant: Ashika Gogna

Special Thanks: Tori Mcpetrie, Michelle Cho, Grace Cho, Alicia Cho, Ben Bulato, Chris Buchanan, Michelle Marta, Munir Haddad, Deborah Dewitt, Jenee Arthur, Esther Won, Norman Lau, Leslee Scallon, Patricia Compton, Adam Sidman, Melissa Fitzgerald, Karla Nunfio

Most Excellent Thanks: The Park’s Finest Bbq, Filipino Town, La; Boba Guys, Culver City, La; Road To Seoul, K-town, La; 

Most Excellent Inspiration: Ah- Ma & Ah -ba, Wong Kar Wai, Ang Lee, Jon M. Chu, Michelle Yeoh, John Woo, Chan Woo Park, Jeniffer Kim, Quentin Tarantino, Emelia Clarke, Haruna Uriu, Stephanie Mccarles, Alan Yang, David Chang, David Cho, Tracy Wong, Andrew Chau & Ddk

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