Monday, Dec. 12, 2016


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The new spot for Famous Footwear, directed by Norry Niven for The Richards Group, is an empowering and poetic call to #stepforward. In the piece, women of different backgrounds move confidently towards the camera, their words aimed to challenge a better future with that first step. The project, Niven’s first via Lucky 21, harnessed the director’s talent for blending style and impact. The award-winning director relates that a number of the actors were moved to tears, “by masterful writing and poetry of the call to action.”


Agency: The Richards Group
Brand Creative Group Head: Chris Smith
Brand Creative/Writer: Danny Bryan
Brand Creative/Art Director: Dan Case
Brand Creative/Art Director: Lynn Born
Producer: Cassie Greenwald

Production: Lucky 21
Director: Norry Niven
Executive Producer/Partner: John Gilliland
Head of Production: Teresa Cameron
Producer: Tyler Boylan

Post: Lucky Post
Editors: Marc Stone & Sai Selvarajan

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