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Food City's 'The Note'


SJ Golden
Monday, May. 19, 2014


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Porchlight director Peter Zavadil delivered a simple, slice-of-life story with strong emotional impact for 'The Note.'  The :60 spot for Food City, out of The Tombras Group, pays homage to moms - reminding us what makes them special - just in time for Mother's Day.

The spot opens with a mom packing her son's school lunch - and then writing something on a piece of paper that she puts into his lunchbox. During the day it falls out when the box spills open aand it’s grabbed by a classmate, but he retrieves, puts it in his pocket and checks to make sure it there throughout the day, showing that he is clearly thinking about and protecting it.

When the boy gets home from school, he hands his mom the crumpled note. As she sees the word 'yes' checked in red crayon, a tear comes to her eye. The camera then peaks over mom's shoulder again, and down the note to a question the boy wrote for her: "Can we have spagety? Yes or No.'

Client/Product: Food City (supermarket chain)
Title: The Note :60, Type: Broadcast Commercial
Agency: The Tombras Group  (Knoxville, TN) 
Creative Directors: Charlie Andrews, Rick Baptist, Associate Creative Director: Clay Prewitt, Art Directors: Brian Feeney, Keith Thomason , Writer: Jason Brown, Account Supervisor: Jay Sokolow, Account Executive: Tommy Keeler, Production Manager: Jane Foreman 
Production Company: Porchlight (Nashville, TN)
Director: Peter Zavadil, Line Producer: Tameron Hedge, DP: James King, Executive Producer: Kristen Forrest 
Location: Nashville, TN (A residence and The Overbrook School)
Editorial Company: Porchlight (Nashville, TN)
Offline Editor: Peter Zavadil 
Post Production Company:  Forward (Nashville, TN)  
Colorist: Rodney Williams
Audio Post Company:  Npall Audio (Nashville, TN)
Mixer + Sound Designer: Nick Palladino
Music Company: Auralation Music (Knoxville, TN)
Composer: Paul Jones
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