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Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020


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Kansas City television station WDAF FOX 4 took advantage of the hometown Chiefs’ presence in this year’s Super Bowl to roll out an inspirational promo celebrating the resilient spirit of its community. Driven by a rap-flavored anthem produced by Stephen Arnold Music, the spot broke during the local broadcast of the Big Game and features empowering images of Kansas City landmarks and members of the station’s Fox4 News team. The theme is “This Is Our KC.”

The spot builds on a campaign conceived by WDAF creative services director Danielle Ray and promotion manager Dan Horner to mark the station’s WDAF’s 70th anniversary. It launched in October with an image spot set to an alternative pop version of the “This Is Our KC” song. To capitalize on expected high viewership for the Big Game, the WDAF creative team came up with the idea for a rap version of the song with lyrics written by Ray and set to a hip hop beat orchestrated by Stephen Arnold Music. Evoking a city on the move, the rap proclaims, “We are the future of…we are the rising of…This city always brings us together.”


Produced by: WDAF FOX 4

Danielle Ray, creative services director
Dan Horner, promotion manager

Music Producer: Stephen Arnold Music

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