Like Girls feat. Kali J. by Machines A.T.O. Official Music Video


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Monday, Mar. 8, 2021


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Launching in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8), NYC-based music agency Groove Guild is releasing a new music video for Machines A.T.O.’s “Like Girls” track ft. Kali J. championing the infinite possibilities and potential of tomorrow’s most sensational successes: girls. The video features a variety of young girls unapologetically owning their unique talents and perspectives. From a girl crushing it as a horseback archer, to another rockin’ it out in a unicorn onesie and roller skates, to a toddler mastering science experiments, the video intercuts vignettes of fierce girls with lively retro neon graphics---and even features a cameo by a “legendary so iconic” female celebrity.

The catchy, energizing anthem from collective consciousness songwriting entity Machines A.T.O. features Atlanta-based artist Kali J. and was originally released in 2020 as a part of Groove Guild’s EP “Like Girls! Songs to Inspire and Empower.” Created to bring a soundtrack of empowerment for girls, Groove Guild partnered with female artists to craft a compilation of tracks that bring an element of fun to the quest to succeed and embrace trusting yourself. The final track “All That You Got” will be released later this month along with the full EP, available for streaming across all platforms.

“Like Girls” quickly garnered national attention when it was featured in-show during the 2020 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Currently, the song is featured in the popular Apple Music playlist “Who Runs the World,” alongside the likes of Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.



Production Company: Groove Guild
Executive Producers: Al Risi, Paul Riggio
Director: David Lord
Producer: Amanda Scoblick
Project Manager: Sara Ireland

Post Production: Nice Shoes
Editor: Dan Suter
Producer: Serena Bove
Executive Producer: Tara Holmes
Colorist: Maria Carretero

Sound Design/Final Mix: Groove Guild
Sound Design: Paul Riggio
Composer: Jon Notar
Mixer: Ariel Borujow

"Like Girls" Written by: Paul James Riggio and Kali J Arnott
Performed by: Machines A.T.O. feat. Kali J
Produced by: Paul James Riggio

Master Recording Courtesy of Groove Guild Published by Air Pushers Music (BMI)
Worldwide rights to master and publishing administered by Groove Guild

Featured Credits (in alphabetical order):
Carly Abrams, Jenna Z Alvarez, Sana Anderson, Mia Beinhorn, Beata Bissen, Phoebe Bjerke, Jack Bourquin, Queen Etana Brown, Emily Butler, Isabella Campisi, Alyssa Carrasquillo, Janay Carrasquillo, Rylee Chen, Manny Cohn, Talia Colchico, Bella Cortes, Samantha Cotes, Emi DeCicco, Ella Faris, Frank Finnegan, Kolbie Flemming, Joya Gauthier, Finley Good, Breylee Gordon, Rayna Gordon, Leigh Anne Green, Tyler Greenhagen, Catalina Heslin, Natasha Heslin, Lila Horgan, Rogan House, Marika Jeziorek, Caden Kauffman, Joey Kelly, Peyton Kirk, Jackson Kramme, Livvy Skates, Jane Lord, Marissa Malto, Kim Manning, Kaiya Jones-Mayfield, Violet Mayugba, Melody Violet McConnell, Madeline Meadows, Marisa Melgoza, Olivia Melgoza, Madison Montero, Daija Moss, Dylan Mummendey, Michael Mummendey, Tracy Negrete, Minka Rose Nichtern, Maggie Noe, Mazel Paris Alegado, Liwia Pelinko, Ashton Pennington, Lakota Theisen, Gretchen "Tsuki" Puddicombe, Arianna Rickett, Alexia Roditis, Nico Schumacher, Aryaa Singh, Skatelisa,
Keira Thompson, Sofie Times, Tatiana Titova

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