Great Southern Wood Preserving's "Heist.” Beavers hit the YellaWood jackpot.


Dan Barron
Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2019


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“Not built to code. Beavers don’t care about that.”

In a suite of three episodic TV :30s breaking March 17, Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., Abbeville, Ala., introduces a scheming team of beavers who are, one might allow, among the world’s greatest experts on wood, and who are also, so the advertising reveals, among the world’s greatest fans of YellaWood brand pressure treated pine. Titled “Woodland’s Most Wanted,” the campaign, including digital, OOH and POS support, is by advertising agency Brunner, Atlanta. It is all about what beavers do, or would do, if they had YellaWood.

In the first spot, “Lumberyard,” five of the big-tailed rodents display some cat burglar skills in an after-hours break-in. They rappel their way down to the warehouse floor, where one supersniffer follows his beaver nose past all the generic lumber to where the YellaWood is stored. The spot ends with the team in YellaWood rapture.

Campaign:  “Woodland’s Most Wanted”
Suite of three episodic TV :30s, plus digital, OOH and POS introduce YellaWood’s greatest fans, a scheming team of beavers.        

Primary :30s               
“Lumberyard” Beavers in YellaWood rapture.
“Control Room” No YellaWood? Abort!
 “Heist” Beavers do what beavers do, or would, if they had YellaWood. (“Not built to code. Beavers don’t care about that.”)

VO (spots’ only words): “For five-star back yards, YellaWood brand Pressure Treated Pine. If it doesn’t have this yella tag, you don’t want it.”

TV media: TBS, TNT, truTV, CBS (March Madness), also HGTV and DIY cable networks.

Support Digital: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Video :30s similar to the TV
Disruptive Instagram ads in which nature scene beavers break into and “steal from” traditional YellaWood ads.
Static and animated character profiles of the beaver heist team.

Support OOH: Traditional (flat), as well as 3-D, “episodic,” before-and-after billboards in which beavers pilfer the YellaWood from what had originally gone up as “normal” billboards.

Support POS: 3’ tall beaver ceiling hangers and door and window clings “case” lumberyards and showrooms, looking for YellaWood.


Client: Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., Abbeville. Ala.

CMO: James Riley
Brand Mgr.: Rob Pongonis        
Marketing: Ricky Perkins

Agency: Brunner, Atlanta
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schapiro
CD: Jeff Shill
ACD: Silver Cuellar
CW: Jonathan Banks
Account Dir.: Zak Cochran
Sr. Account Manager: Nate Wachter    
Account Manager: Alex Kotz

Agency Production: Fixer Partners, New York
Exec Producer: Brad Powell

Production Co/VFX.: Framestore, New York
Dir./ECD: Murray Butler
DP: Eric Treml
Exec Producer (live): Jennifer Siegel            
Exec Producer (VFX): Dez Macleod-Veilleux
Head of Production (live): Anne Vega
Senior Producer (VFX): Nick Fraser
Producer (live): Gabrielle Yuro
3D Leads: Greg White, Shayne Ryan
2D Leads: Matt Pascuzzi, Corrina Wilson

Editorial: Cut+Run, New York
Editor: Grover
Assistant Editor: Chris Hilk            
Managing Dir.: Lauren Hertzberg                       
Head of Production: Ellese Jobin 

Sound: New Math, New York
Exec Producer: Kala Sherman
Producer: B Munoz
Composers: Samuel Skarstad (“Control Room”), Jared Hunter (“Heist”), David Wittman (“Lumberyard”)

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