Half Rez 9 “Long Live Mograph”


Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2022


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Created for the fine folks at the Half Rez 9 conference in Chicago.

Among the event’s sponsors over the past several editions, the leaders from creative production studio Flavor took up the challenge to create an opening film that would set the stage for all the groundbreaking festivities reconvening attendees in-person for the first time since the pandemic.

Inspired by a Speech Bubble
According to Flavor’s Executive Creative Director Brian McCauley, the Half Rez logo added further inspiration to the project’s open brief, in addition to the event’s theme. “Collectively, we all appreciate Half Rez as a fun opportunity to share your creative voice, and we noticed that the logo has a speech bubble design,” he explained. “Since Associate Creative Director Brad Backofen has been experimenting with motion capture hand puppets in C4D, a puppet finding his creative voice felt like a great place to start.”

Leaping to the final results, the meticulously finished :93 presentation stunned the attending crowd of 300, who witnessed a phenomenal 3D/2D animated creation story of biblical proportions. Dazzling with myriad masterfully executed creative techniques – featuring AI generative backgrounds, VR painting, cell animation, and even real puppetry – the hero experiences the trip of a lifetime, lifted even higher courtesy of an epic original soundtrack created by the artists Another Country.

The key steps in Flavor’s development process involved McCauley – along with Backofen and his fellow ACD Colby Capes, Senior Art Director Mack Neaton, and Executive Producer Kate Smith – dialing in their ideas. By their accounts, Maxon’s Cinema 4D was essential for modeling and creative development.


Project Name: Half Rez 9 “Long Live Mograph”
Running Time: :93
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/749346013

Client: Half Rez
Planning Board: Chris Schmidt, Amador Valenzuela, Brad Chmielewski, Gavin Morrissey, Miqui Crespo, Michael Kislovsky

Design/Animation/Production Company: Flavor
Creative Director: Brian McCauley
‍Associate Creative Directors: Brad Backofen, Mack Neaton, & Colby Capes
‍Executive Producer: Kate Smith
Managing Director: Neal Cohen
CG Supervisor: Brad Backofen
‍Art Director: Mack Neaton
2D Animation Supervisor: Colby Capes
‍Storyboards: Danielle Otrakji
‍3D Artists: Brad Backofen, Brian McCauley, Ryan Bechtel, Emily Berveiler, JC Tecklenburg, Krzys Pianko, Dan Tiffany
‍2D Artists: Colby Capes, Sam Stucky, Keith Slawinski, Torey Kervick, Aaron Fisher, Sierra Lee, Marly Koven, Jesse Willis

Live-Action Production: Dictionary Films
Director/DP: Brian Broeckelman
Technical Director: Adam Kohr
Puppets: Liz Backofen

Sound Design and Mix: Another Country
Managing Director: Tim Konn
Senior Producer: Louise Rider
Sound Designer/Mixer Jordan Stalling
Assistant Audio Engineers: Cathryn Stark, Brett Rossiter

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