Friday, September 22, 2017
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"Harry" Season 2 Promos Speak to "Everyday People"


Kristien Brada-...
Tuesday, Sep. 12, 2017


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Beloved by fans globally, Harry Connick, Jr. has earned a reputation as being a genuinely warm and caring man of the people. He's also premiering the 2nd season of his successful namesake daytime entertainment show today. So how do you tap into that special distinction to retain viewers and drive new tune-in, all while fortifying the show’s overarching message all season long?

For NBCUniversal, it was about tapping 2C Creative to develop a comprehensive season 2 campaign showcasing Harry’s ability to authentically connect with everyday people. 2C’s live-action shoot captured genuine exchanges between Harry and his fans. The perfect backdrop? A remake of Sly and the Family Stone classic hit “Everyday People” for which Harry not only provided vocals, but also played every instrument on the track. This gave 2C great pacing for the launch spot and set the tone for the entire campaign, from launch to episodics and other special as-needed spots.



Harry Connick, Jr., Executive Producer
Justin Stangel, Executive Producer
Eric Stangel, Executive Producer
Ann Marie Wilkins, Executive Producer


Senior Vice President, Marketing & Brand Strategy: Betsy Bergman
Vice President, Marketing: Ilana Susnow
Director of Affiliate Relations & Promotion: Meghan Merriman

2C Creative

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan
Live-Action Director/Creative Director: Brian Eloe
Creative Director: Marni Wagner
GM, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma
Lead Editor: Jeff Morelli
Editor: Pablo Coig
Design Director: Luis Martinez
Colorist: Dmitri Zavyazkin
Executive Producer, Graphics: Bob Cobb
Technical Operations Manager: Ashley Hartford
Assistant Editor: Williams Naranjo
Assistant Editor: Kelly Lanman


Director of Photography: Kevin Emmons
Line Producer: Chris Stoerchle
Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

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Priority PR
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