HEB "Reality TV" Directed By Kiran Koshy


Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021


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What’s even better than having your favorite wine or beer delivered straight to your home? The free one-hour delivery from Favor and H-E-B, as depicted in their latest hilarious campaign, produced by Slash Dynamic and directed by Kiran Koshy for agency Plot Twist Creativity.

“These spots were all in the casting and performances that did justice to the very sharp writing. Each character was filmed individually so the challenge lay in getting the actors to give us their comedic best without having another actor to feed off,” says director Kiran Koshy.


Client: H-E-B/Favor

Vice President of Marketing & Advertising: Ashwin Nathan
Advertising Account Supervisor: Jenny Williams
Senior Advertising Account Manager: Mary Maureen Karstens
Director of Marketing: Rob Pennington
Creative Director: Chris Rogge

Agency: Plot Twist Creativity

Principal & Chief Creative Officer: Chris Smith
Senior Writer: Rachel Dawer
Senior Art Director: Sonia Amin
Broadcast Producer: Sheri Cartwright
Director of Production: Kim Alexander
Business Affairs Manager: Devona Mayeur
Principal: Michael Nortman
Account Supervisor: Lauren Boone

Production: Slash Dynamic

Director: Kiran Koshy
Managing Director: Tanya Cohen
Line Producer: Adam Kaiser
Producer: Caitlin Cohen


DP: Benjamin Kitchens
1st AC: John Sizer
2nd AC: Kyle Novak
DIT: Dave Louria
1st AD: Gleason Barber
2nd AD: Cristen Haynes

Postproduction: Charlie Uniform Tango

Senior Editor/Partner: Deedle LaCour
VFX Artist: Artie Peña
Audio Editor/Mixer/Engineer: Jake Kluge
Executive Producer: Mary Alice Butler

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