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Mama's Got Bump


Monday, Oct. 23, 2017


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Still haven't bounced back? Neither have we! Baby's Got Back but Mama's Got Bump! Not just for #loveyourbodyday (October 18) but everyday! “Mama’s Got Bump,” from Moms You'd Like to Friend (MYLF), hit the ground running, amassing 3.9 million views on Facebook alone as of October 23, 2017. Directed by Cat Deakins and Masha Sapron, written by Sapron, shot by Deakins, and cut by Daniel Luna of bicoastal Union Editorial, the video celebrates postpartum bodies as it parodies Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” (with vocal by Quin Walters).  


Organization: Moms You'd Like to Friend (MYLF)
Title: “Mama’s Got Bump”

Directors: Cat Deakins and Masha Sapron
DP: Cat Deakins
Writer: Masha Sapron

Editorial Company: Union
Editor: Daniel Luna
Producer: Samantha Machado

Vocals: Quin Walters
Music Producer: Rendra Zawawi 
Music Editor: Mark Wlodarkiewicz
Additional Music: Mac Quayle 
Choreographer/Performer: Kristi Wirz
Bellydance Choreography: Melanie Kareem

Make up and Hair: April Hutchinson, Heba Darwish, Rhea Pereria, Celeste Phillips 

Production Supervisor: Valerie Sapron
Production Coordinator: Elena Schuber
Production Consultant: Larissa Hahn

Additional Thanks/Credits:
Maggie Grove – Performer
Kelly Pendygraft- Performer
Shilo Knaevelsrud – Veronica’s Secret/CosMOMpolitan
Priscilla Luna- Producer/Dancer
Veronica Mitri – Dancer
Mia Anelli - Dancer
Megan Duvarney Forbes – Dancer
Sarah Yovovich - Acro Yogi/Dancer
Zoe Taylor-Crane – Dancer
Kids: Lex Wlodarkiewicz, Aria Walters, Vivien Quayle, Paxton Wirz, Harlon Leger, Everst Anelli, Jenson Forbes, Thaddeus (TJ) Mitri, Nico Yovovich, Brian Gibson and Yoga Desa Stephanie Richards, Andrea Shreeman, Sophie and Stefan Lysenko, Anthea Christensen, Delrissa Machain, Soraya Selene, Robyn Lawley, Weyni Mengesha

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