Marvel Studios' "Ms. Marvel" End Credits Main On End Title Sequence Episode 1


Thursday, Jul. 28, 2022


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Marvel Studios asked the team at Perception to help create a dynamic main on end title sequence for their newest series on Disney+, Ms. Marvel.

The Perception team filmed this entire sequence in Jersey City, New Jersey, paying homage to Kamala Khan’s character, her background, and the culture and energy of Jersey City. They also designed each of the bright, colorful murals shown throughout this sequence. This sequence represents Jersey City from Kamala’s point of view while also celebrating the comic books and their artwork that this series is based on.

The concept for this sequence was developed and executed by Vivian Amaro, Perception Designer/Animator and Jersey City resident. She led the Perception team in filming this sequence around her home town of Jersey City. Amaro also led the creative team in designing each mural and piece of artwork seen throughout the sequence.

To prepare for this sequence, Amaro walked around her neighborhood to take videos and photographs of areas of interest. She recorded buildings, street signs and intersections that were easily distinguishable as being part of Jersey City. Since New York City has been a focal point location throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Amaro wanted this sequence to be completely recognizable as Jersey City.

After her initial research shoots, Amaro and the team at Perception decided to travel to Jersey City to film the area in a live action shoot for the sequence. The team filmed two days on location, visiting spots that Amaro travels to regularly in her day to day life and areas she passes through on her way to the Perception studio. 


Title Sequence, End Credits Filmed & Designed by PerceptionCo-Founders: Danny Gonzalez, Jeremy Lasky, Head of Operations: Erin Kelley, Head of Production: Eric Daly, Junior Producer: Jamie Young, Chief Creative: John LePore, Creative Supervisor: Doug Appleton, Art Supervisor: Seiji Anderson, Cinematographer: Mikko Timonen, Editor: Stacy Auckland, Artists: Vivian Amaro, Nocky Dinh, Sarah Anne Gibson, Greg Herman, Steve Savalle

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