Matterport brings 3D capture to the iPhone


Tuesday, Jun. 2, 2020


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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been universal - affecting families, individuals, cities, towns and businesses in countless ways. For the marketing and advertising industries, this has meant an almost complete shutdown. But while traditional productions seemed impossible because of safety concerns and a nationwide quarantine, this unique challenge forced award-winning studio Ntropic to come up with innovative solutions. The result is a safely and seamlessly-produced series of films for technology company Matterport, filmed remotely from 8,000 miles away.  

Matterport’s innovative 3D capture platform enables users to create high fidelity 3D digital twins of any physical space across real estate, architecture, travel, hospitality, manufacturing and other industries. Matterport for iPhone is another breakthrough for the company. For the first time, Matterport’s industry leading 3D digital twins can be created, shared, and published with just an iPhone and the latest version of the Matterport Capture app.  


Client: Matterport  Production: Ntropic Director/CCO: Nate Robinson (US), EP: Myke Brown (Vietnam), Director/ECD: Kathy Uyen (Vietnam), DP: Gabe Lewis (Vietnam), Color: Ayumi Ashley (NYC), EP Color: Will Mok (NYC), Head of CG: Dave White (LA), VFX Supervisor/Lead Artist: Amanda Amalfi (LA), VFX Artist: Mark Sanna (NY), 3D Supervisor: Andrew Cohen (LA), Houdini Artists: Nate Lapinksi (LA), Cristobal Infante (London), Producer: Natalia Wrobel 

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