Mohito's New A/W 2019 Collection


Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2019


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Mohito Shoots Its New A/W 2019 Collection in North Italy with Etna Productions.

Capturing Femininity with Photographer Sonia Szóstak and Cinematographer Michał Palikot. In this latest campaign, it's evident that the designers were inspired by the history of fashion and combined these ideas with current trends that focus on subtle femininity.

Mohito’s color range for this season consists of intense browns, dark violet, aubergine and burgundy, as well as off-pink, beige and black. The striking buildings of the chosen locations complemented these colors and looks beautifully and the arches and stairwells enhanced the form and silhouette of each piece. 

Femininity and romanticism plays a large role in Mohito’s campaign for its new Autumn/Winter 2019 collection.

And what better place than the locations Etna Productions sourced in North Italy to emphasize these traits? 

Etna Productions not only specializes in production services on the island of Sicily but on mainland Italy too. Whatever our client needs are, our company ensures a professional service, with unique locations to fit your budget. 

Production: Sandra Orłow | Papaya Films & Peppe D'Urso | Etna Productions
Photos: Sonia Szóstak
Video: Michał Palikot
Make-up: Kama Jankowska
Hair: Gor Duryan
Stylisations: MOHITO Team
Model: Myriam Kijowski-Tran
Contact Name: 
Giampilieri Marina
Contact phone: 
39 347 354 9960
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