Myprotein's "Whey Forward | Animal-Free. Power-Full"


Sapka Communications
Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2022


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Myprotein, the world’s largest online consumer sports nutrition brand, hired indie creative agency Troup to develop an awareness campaign to introduce active Gen Zers in the U.S. to Whey Forward: a ready-to-mix product that easily dissolves into liquids with the taste and texture of traditional dairy.

The animated 30-second Whey Forward spot is product focused and communicates unique benefits and production techniques. The powder, a first of its kind, was formulated by Perfect Day, a food-innovation firm dedicated to producing creamy, delicious, sustainable dairy that is completely animal-free. In the creative, it’s referred to as “Animal-free. Power-full.” The powder uses fermentation of microflora to produce whey that’s neither animal- nor lactose-based. It also contains no soy, hormones or sugar.

The animation was created by Troup production partner Panic using a technique called flat design. The work will run on paid social, YouTube, and video on demand. 


Agency: Troup

Chief Creative Officer: Matt Dimmer
Chief Design Officer: David Whaite
Executive Creative Director: Chris Sadlier


Pallav Tamaskar - EVP & Managing Director
Ian Roden - Associate Brand Manager
Gregory Pressoir - Head of Innovation & Brand Partnerships
Alex Whitfield - Senior Category Manager

Animation: Panic Studio / SNYDER NYC

Editorial & Sound: What's For Lunch Media

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