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Raging Artists
Monday, May. 3, 2021


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"No Man’s Land" is a short documentary about a lesbian separatist community in the rural American South.

The 1970s saw the birth of womyn’s lands, communities where lesbian separatists could live together, away from a patriarchal society. A handful of these womyn formed Alapine in rural Alabama, where no men are allowed. No Man's Land dives into the stories of its founders and residents, who give perspective on their struggles as lesbian women during the 60s and 70s. The film explores their coming out stories, what inspired them to create a separatist space in the first place, what that space means to them and their concerns for the sustainability and the future of their community.

"No Man’s Land" won the Audience Award for Best Short Film (all categories) at the 30th Annual Florida Film Festival, where it held its World Premiere.


Directed and Produced by: Anna Andersen and Gabriella Canal
Edited by: Karen Kourtessis, Union NY

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