"Now You See Us" Official Trailer


Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020


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Brooklyn-based Argentine director and screenwriter Romina Schwedler, whose debut micro-short film made her a SHOOT Magazine New Directors Showcase Honoree in 2014, shines a light on ageism with her new comedy short “Now You See Us”, premiering today at the 8th Annual Chelsea Film Festival, “One Of The 10 Best Film Festivals in North America" as per USA Today. This year, due to safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is taking place virtually. 

Now You See Us' timely story kicks off as two actresses “of a certain age,” played flawlessly by Barbara Miluski and Caroline Ryburn, bump into each other at the minuscule waiting area of a casting office located inside a grim, solitary New York City building where an audition is supposed to take place. 

As the afternoon progresses and their quarrel endures, these lifelong rivals begin to realize that they are in the presence of a significantly larger threat: A society that finds them invisible!

And so, the line between fantasy and reality begins to smear: Is anyone coming for them? Are they stuck in limbo? And what exactly is wrong with the lights?

Light and its absence are cleverly used in illustrating the protagonists' reality and the vision (or lack thereof) of the world around them, as is the use of black and white, and the occasional moonlight-like illumination, the moon being another leitmotif throughout the film. 

“Now You See Us” is based on the short play “Boom,” written by Barbara Miluski.


Barb - Barbara Miluski
Caroline - Caroline Ryburn
Electrician - Leema Mitchell
New Actress - Rochelle Slovin

Romina Schwedler

Executive Producers - Barbara Miluski, Jonathan Hazan
Producer/ Line Producer - Michelle Polanco
Co-Producers - Danna Kinsky, Romina Schwedler
Associate Producers - Alan J. Carmona, Bianka WidaKay, Susan Rafter

Play - Barbara Miluski
Adapted Screenplay - Romina Schwedler

Itamar Ben Zimra

Cinematographer - Danna Kinsky
First Assistant Director - Maca Carrizosa
Sound Mixer - Ash Knowlton
Script Supervisor - Mavis Martin
Gaffer - Olivia Kimmel
First Camera Assistant - Diana Rodriguez
Grips & Electrics - Anna Vyaches, Rui Arichika
Production Assistant - Adalina Aladro
Sound Design - Cory Choy, Ash Knowlton, Luke Allen/ SILVER SOUND
Colorist - Jenny Montgomery/ COMPANY 3
VFX Artists - Eddie Lebron, Shaun Ryan
Additional Photography - Alan J. Carmona
BTS Photography - Adalina Aladro
BTS Video - Bianka WidaKay
Editor - Romina Schwedler
Makeup & Hair - Mollie Parks
Graphic Design - Rachel Freeman-Lev
Social Media - Rachel Freeman-Lev, Dora J. Friedman

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