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Friday, Mar. 26, 2021


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NUEVO RICO, the new film from Kristian Mercado, imagines a dystopian future Puerto Rico, now called Nuevo Rico, where a struggling brother and sister stumble onto a celestial secret that propels them to fame. Using boundary pushing visuals, NUEVO RICO examines how systemic capitalism devours all bonds. The film is rooted in a lack of autonomy, as it examines the effects of commercialization and colonial status of the island. Mercado describes his film as “a bold venture into Latinx-Futurism.”


Directed By Kristian Mercado
Story By Kristian Mercado
Script By Juan Arroyo & Kristian Mercado

Executive Producers: Jackie Cruz,  Maitreya Yasuda,  Mike Anderson,  Jeff Hood,  Kristian Mercado

Producers: Debora Perez,  Kate Chamuris, Angel Manuel Soto

Creative Director: Raymo Ventura

Cast: Jackie Cruz As Barbie, Antonio Vizcarrondo As Vico, Fernando Ramos As Eshu & Taino Gods, Don Victor As Announcer, Josh Madoff As Cops

Storyboard Artist: Angélica Agélviz

Character Design By Angélica Agélviz

Deux Wave Animators/Compositors: Raymo Ventura, Ryan Putnam, Rozz Zimmerman

Design/Illustration: Grace Hwang, Nate Harris, Gwen Tropio

Memoma Estudio Character & Cel Animation: Animation Supervisor: Miguel Mena;  Producer, Juan Arriagada;  Project Management, Fereshde Martinez; Cel Animators: Roberto Andreu, Azucena Castillo, Carlos Ruiz, Patricio Bauza; Additional Animation: Ashby Marín, Daniel Ramos

Fustic. Studio 3d Design & Animation: Trung Bao, Nam Le, Hai Doan

Title Design & Animation: Gydient, Hieu Vu, Trung Bao

Animation Studio Tunjayork: Animation Director, Rafatoon & Daniel Cuervo;  Animation Team: Daniel Cuervo Arevalo, William Cifuentes Sáenz, Laura Marcela Vargas Cárdenas, Jane Holguin Tsiklaouri, Fabian Andres Ospina Prieto, Daniel Felipe Cruz, Laura Marcela Vargas Cárdenas, Laura Vanessa Bello Martínez; Background Artists: Pablo Acero, Andrés Aponte Carmona; Additional Animation: Angélica Agélviz, Chloe Hayes; Background Painter: Shana Dixon; Additional Illustrations: Vera Babida

Music And Sound Design By Josh Madoff; Performed, Recorded, And Edited By Josh Madoff

"Me Voy" By Rainao Feat. Fernando Ramos: Produced By Fernando Ramos And Siyoung Li; Arranged By Josh Madoff

Introducing Putasanta, "Anamas" Produced By Josh Madoff

Dialogue Editor: Josh Madoff


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