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Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016


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Titled One Focus, the PSA allows viewers to see the world through the eyes of someone afflicted with AMD. It follows a woman as she visits a park and shows her growing concern as familiar objects such as signs, flowers, ice cream and faces become blurred. As the voiceover describes the Macular Degeneration Partnership’s work to preserve eyesight, the distorted objects become clear again. The SIM Group, through its SIM Digital, Bling Digital and Chainsaw divisions, donated a variety of goods and services toward the production of the PSA.


Produced by: Women In Film.
Bonnie Spence, director; Cynthia Pushek, cinematographer; Romel Foster-Owens, producer.

Cameras: SIM Digital

Workflow: Bling Digital

Post Production: Chainsaw

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