"One Insperity: Kickoff"


Raging Artists
Friday, Jan. 31, 2020


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For the recent sales kickoff summit of Insperity, director Adam Taylor shot in 8K with a Cooke anamorphic lens and took an assemblage of human resource professionals on a dramatic orchestral maneuver, from booming concert hall to a conference room, filling every inch of a 120-foot screen.


Client: Insperity 

Spots Title(s): “One Insperity Kickoff”

Agency/Location: In-House 
Creative Director: Miguel Herrera, Art Director: Stephanie Marett

Production Company:  Insperity
Director: Adam Taylor, DP:  Jason Casillas, Editor: Jason Casillas, Colorist: Jason Casillas 

Music Company: Divisi Strings 
Composer: Brad Sayles
Producer: Tony Sanville

Sound Design Company: defactosound.com
Sound Designer, Audo Post, Mixer: Dallas Taylor

Shoot Location: The Gardens, Houston

BTS Images Courtesy of Trish Taylor

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