Online Sound Design Course with Oscar Winner Eugene Gearty, MPSE


Thursday, Mar. 12, 2020


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Get a peek behind the curtain as Oscar and Emmy winning sound designer Eugene Gearty shares his tricks, techniques, and ideas about sound design. In the past, knowledge was passed down from master to apprentice when a sound designer shared their room with their assistants. Now you can have that experience, learn proven techniques, strategies, organization and problem solving straight from the sound room of Eugene Gearty. Get unparalleled insight from one of the most celebrated sound designers of our time.

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Eugene Gearty has over thirty years of working with film's most celebrated directors including Spike Lee, Martin Scorcese, Ang Lee, and The Coen Brothers, just to name a few. He's won numerous awards and took home the Oscar for his work on "Hugo." In this series, he will discuss working with sound, coming up with the film's feeling and more!

About Filmmaker U: Before the age of digital mentorship played a key role in film crews, post crews, and filmmaker’s career development. Places like the cutting room were hubs for passing on techniques, ideas, war stories, teamwork, and developing relationships that would help you evolve your career. You would move from trainee to assistant, and eventually, the day would come where you became a full-fledged DP, Editor, Filmmaker, or any other position in the film industry. Pro’s who had worked years and were coming close to the end of their career delighted in sharing the knowledge, techniques, tricks, and ideas, they had learned over the decades. However, with this digital age, young film professionals are thrust into positions without having the chance to learn from those at the top of their game. Filmmaker U was created to help fill this void in the modern-day film industry. This online education series will bring the best in the business from behind the camera, to any aspiring media artist who can no longer obtain this type of apprenticeship.

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