Only Organic's "The World's Most Skippable Ad"


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Friday, Oct. 4, 2019


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Humanaut Creates World’s Most Skippable Ad on Behalf of 100 Organic Brands

Creative agency Humanaut has devised an attention-getting campaign that employs reverse psychology for non-profit Organic Voices. The centerpiece is a bulky list of more than 700 chemicals that are allowed in food processing and manufacturing. Viewers are told they can “skip” this ad and all of these chemicals and go with organic when shopping for food, household products, or textiles. 

In a rare show of unity from a single industry, more than 100 brands and like-minded organizations from the organic sector and beyond including Amy’s Kitchen, Applegate and Organic Valley have come together to support the campaign and its message: skip the chemicals and just go with organic. 

The campaign was produced in-house in the newly built Humanaut film studio in Chattanooga. 


Screenwork Credits

Client:   Organic Voices  Campaign Title:  Skip the Chemicals

Agency:  Humanaut

Chief Creative Director:   David Littlejohn
Chief Strategy Officer:    Andrew Clark
Creative Director:   Nathan Dills
Associate Creative Director:   Will Benham
Director of Content:   Dan Jacobs
Director of Production:    Tommy Wilson
Account Director:     Deborah Riley
Account Manager:    Fritsl Butler
Art Director:   Bethany Maxfield, Steven Preisman
Copywriter:   Nathan Dills, Will Benham, Austin Howe, Jedd Levine
Senior Designer:   Jen Rezac
Designer:   Coleson Amon

Production Company:   Humanaut

Director:   Dan Jacobs
Producer:   Alvaro Donado
Associate Producer:   Thomas Stroud
Director of Photography:   Dillan Forsey
Post Producer:   Kyler Potter  
Editor:   D’arce Peter
Musical Composition:   Bethany Maxfield, Joel Sparks

Original Score:   Summer Dregs /

Motion Graphics:   Victor Tyler
Audio Mix:   D’arce Peter
Color:   Annie Huntington

Media:   Junction 37

Contact Name: 
Steve Sapka
Contact phone: 
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