Rainier's "Hibeernation"


Thursday, May. 7, 2020


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DNA was about to produce year 2 of its “Rewild the Rainiers” campaign which was all about getting into the outdoors - when  suddenly being outside was off-limits. The agency pivoted from getting people into the outdoors to ‘help people stay connected to the outdoors from their living room.’ 

The agency re-framed the stay-at-home reality as a “Hibeernation,” which fits with Rainier's quirky, fun-loving spirit. Knowing that Rainier’s fans were missing their favorite outdoor recreation, DNA created a social effort to get people sharing how they ‘stay wild’ while stuck at home.  The agency put out a call for content using a video produced by it's in-house production company Petting Zoo, featuring agency staff filming with phones over one weekend. DNA staffers came up with their own ideas of how to bring the outside inside and filmed their experineces at home. There was a strategist paddling his kayak down the stairs, an editor’s spouse getting some sun from her rooftop, and a creative director pretending to do an innertube river float in his basement.  It lit the spart to get  to post their own content using the hashtag #Hibeernation.



Agency: DNA 

Chris Witherspoon – President, Christine Wise – Chief Strategy Officer, Lauren Sooudi – Brand Strategy Director, Steve Williams - Executive Creative Director, Allyson Paisley – Creative Director, Evan Haynes – Senior Art Director, Kai Neddersen – Senior Copywriter, Jeremy Hoders – Business Practice Lead, Maggie Boler –  Senior Project Manager

Production Company: DNA/Petting Zoo

Gabe Hajiani – Head of Creation + Content, Maddy Giordano – Senior Integrated Producer, Sean McGrath – Video Content Editor, Nicolas Gomiero – Animator & VFX Artist, Mike Quirk – Studio Manager, Gina Mills – Studio Designer

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