Raley’s "Food For Families"


Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019


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Proudly family-owned, Raley's Markets has a long history of helping its local communities through a wide range of programs, from afterschool food literacy classes to local farmer initiatives. Now, just in time for the holiday season, the grocery store presents a reminder that the best gifts are the ones that help others. Demonstrating its commitment to giving back through its non-profit, Food For Families, Raley’s tapped creative agency Funworks for a new video campaign brimming with heart and compassion, highlighting what it means to donate to Food For Families and how the dollars help local neighbors in need. 

Shot by Little Moving Pictures directors Justin Plummer and Martin Strauss, the video follows the lives of two families – one marked by hardship and sacrifice and the other more fortunate. As they go about their daily routines, the struggling children do their best to get by with little food, until their mother returns home with a fresh box of groceries from a local food bank, courtesy of the fortunate family’s donation at a Raley’s store. When the story ends, the young sons of each family are revealed as friends, unknowingly bonded by the generosity of neighbors helping neighbors. Filmed from the children’s point-of-view with soft lighting and delicate compositions, the emotional spot embodies the spirit of giving while bringing awareness to this worthy cause. 


Client: Raley’s

Agency: Funworks
Chief Creativity Architect: Kenny White, Chief Creative Officer: Craig Mangan, Strategist: Devin McNulty, Copywriter: Kevin Turner, Art Director: Jiangxi Tan, Producer: Heather Schumacher, Account Director: Claire Crozier, Account Manager: Jodi Naglie

Production Company: Little Moving Pictures
Producer: Jeremy Summer, Directors: Justin Plummer and Martin Strauss, DP: Spenser Nottage, Editor: Nathan Petty, Music: “Slow Mover” Louise Aleniuse and Ben Kaniewski

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