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Friday, May. 22, 2020


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It's a short commute from the couch to...the couch, in this spot for Directed by Brandon Bray of Contagious, the series of spots were shot at the director's home while under quarantine, with his family (including wife Mia) pitching in.


Client:  Move, Inc. (Realtor.Com)

Spots Title(s):  “Friday”, “Commute”, “Real You - Dance Interrupted”
First Air Date: May 21, 2020

Agency/Location:  Huge, Inc - NY | Global Executive Creative Director: Fede Garcia, Creative Director: Vidhi Shah, Senior Visual Designer: Nancy Nystrom, Senior Copywriter: Zack McKinney, Head of Production: Kim Cortese, Senior Producer: Arielle Solc, Director, Business Affairs: Cindy Hoffman, Group Engagement Director: Jess Buckley, Senior Project Manager: Ana Escobedo 

Production Company/Location:  Contagious – Los Angeles, CA | Director: Brandon Bray, DP:  Brandon Bray, EP(s):  Natalie Sakai, Producer:  Hannah Rome, Production Coordinators: Ian Abell, Francesca Pistorio, Editor:  Brandon Bray, Post Producer: Hannah Rome, VFX/Finishing: Artjail, EP: John Skeffington, Flame Lead: Christoph Schröer, Colorist: Clinton Homuth, Color Assistant: Kevin Wu, Color Producer: Alison Maxwell

Music Company: duotone audio group | Executive Producer: Ross Hopman, Producer: Gio Lobato

Audio Post Production: duotone audio post Sound Designer/Mixer: Juan Aboites, Executive Producer, Audio Post: Greg Tiefenbrun

Shoot Location:  Hyattsville, MD

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