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Monday, Sep. 12, 2022


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Set in a near future, REMOTE follows Unoaku, an expat architect living in a solar-punk apartment in Kuala Lumpur, and four other women living on their own in Iran, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and South Africa. While watching a popular South Korean dog grooming show, the five women discover they are connected through mysterious portals hidden in their homes. Embarking on a quest for answers, they use the portals to bridge the distance between them, uncovering a phenomenon with universe-altering consequences.

Production was commissioned by Artangel, London, UK; the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, DK; and Moderna Museet, Stockholm, SE; in association with Hauser & Wirth. The film was completed with support by MOCA’s Environmental Council, Los Angeles, US; Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, CA; X Museum, Beijing, CN; and the Busan Biennale, KR.


Production Company: Remote Motion Picture, LLC, Hauser & Wirth
Directed by: Mika Rottenberg & Mahyad Tousi
Written by Mahyad Tousi (WGA)
Based on story by Mika Rottenberg & Mahyad Tousi
Cinematography by Nickolas Rossi
Casting by Damian Bao
Production Design by Mika Rottenberg, Katrin Altekamp
Costumes by Laleh Khorramian
Edited by Mika Rottenberg
Executive Producers Okwui Okpokwasili, Mika Rottenberg, Madeline Warren  
Producers Mika Rottenberg & Mahyad Tousi
Line producer Jonathan Burkhart
Co-producers James Lingwood, Anders Kold, Michael Goodin

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