Rhythms of the Village - "Welcome to the Village"


Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2021


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Rhythms of the Village is an African Cultural Center in the heart of Altadena that teaches true African history. Focusing on the richness of Africa before and after slavery, the center provides a hands-on approach to the true history of the continent. Through language, drumming, storytelling, dancing and more, Rhythms of the Village is a Mecca for African art, history, and knowledge of self. Come vibe with the village at rhythmsofthevillage.com


CEO: Anson Sowby, CCO: Philip Khosid, Exec. Creative Dir: Scott Brown, Creative Director - Design: Drea Schneider, Creative Director - Writer: Michelle Nam Fischer, Design Director: Andy Lam, Jr. Writer: Ashanna Molokwu, Head of Strategy: Sean McNamara, Jr. Strategist: Casey Hoeschler, Head of Production: Danielle Tarris, Producer: Tyler Divine, Brand Director - Zach Hill, Director & Editor: Brooks Miller

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