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SIGMA fp Concept Movie


Zazil Media Group
Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019


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This special concept video reflects the concept of SIGMA fp, which is a full-frame mirrorless camera embodying a brand new idea. The SIGMA fp frees limitation of shooting given by camera-centric categories and gives more possibilities to expand shooting styles. The movie is created by the spirited director Tsujikawa with a piece of original music composed by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) to bring the best out of SIGMA fp in a 2-minute video.


Director/演出|Koichiro Tsujikawa/辻川幸一郎(GLASSLOFT)

Music/音楽 | Cornelius

Cinematographer/撮影 | Mikio HASUI/蓮井幹生(蓮井幹生写真室)

Producer/プロデューサー | Kenichi Yano/矢野健一(Spoon), Sanae Asano/浅野早苗(GLASSLOFT)

Lighting/照明 | HIGASIX(WHITNEY)

Production designer/美術 | Tateo Yanagimachi/柳町建夫(GLASSLOFT)

Grip/特機 | Shigeru Hagiwara/萩原茂(共立工芸)

DIT | Shingo Maruyama/丸山晋碁(CRANK)

Hair make/ヘアメイク | Ayumi Akita 秋田あゆみ

Motion Control Previsualization/モーションコントロールプリビジュアライゼーション |

Naofumi Mishina三階直史(Mirage Inc.)

Offline edit/オフライン | Junya Otsuka 大塚淳也

Online Edit/オンライン | Hitoshi Kimura 木村仁(CONNECTION)

Colorist/カラリスト | Ai Hirata 平田藍(PPC)

Production Manager/制作 | Hanae Tomura戸村華恵(Spoon), Rui Akiyama秋山瑠依(Spoon),Kai Mizuno水野快

Cast / Chris Rudz, Eric Sedlak, Hana Hoshizawa Sedlak HIGASIX(WHITNEY), Hirano Masako, Kai Mizuno/水野快, Mikio Hasui/蓮井幹生, Momo Lee, Nao Yoshigai/吉開菜央, Rita Hoshizawa Sedlak, Suguru Takeuchi/竹内スグル, Terunobu Toyama/外山輝信, timo

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