The Simon Foundation "Rude2Respect"


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Wednesday, Jul. 12, 2017


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Health stigma hurts. That’s the simple yet powerful message delivered in the animated PSA for The Simon Foundation entitled “Rude2Respect,” animated by Calabash, in conjunction with the creative design studio Group Chicago. The video can be seen on YouTube, as well as at, affiliated social media channels and as part of various educational and marketing initiatives as the campaign evolves.

Wayne Brejcha, Calabash Creative Director says: “We also didn’t want to overly complicate it with a lot of crazy camera moves roller-coastering through the space or rotating around the characters. We constrained it to feel a little like two-and-a- half dimensions – 2D characters, but with the lighting and textures and additional physical feel you expect with 3D animation.”  


Client: The Simon Foundation

Project: “Rude2Respect”

Agency/Design: Group Chicago, Chicago, IL

Founder/Creative Director Kurt Meinecke
Creative Director: Barbara Lynk,

Animation: Calabash, Chicago, IL

Creative Director: Wayne Brejcha
Executive Producer: Sean Henry

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