Slash Dynamic Director Joris Bacquet Creates First-Ever AI Music Video


Thursday, Jun. 23, 2022


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Slash Dynamic director Joris Bacquet released his latest groundbreaking project: a music video created through Artificial Intelligence.

Utilizing his extensive background in CGI, Joris directed and created this music video for electronic music producer Azel Phara, which just officially premiered. An artist who loves to explore new avenues and reach new creative heights, Joris created this piece by combining narrative storytelling and AI. 

“As I wanted to control and not give the audience involuntary environments, I pushed the AI to fit as much as possible what I had in mind, in order to get not only satisfying images but also be able to tell a story that fit my idea of what ‘infinity’ is." On creating the video with AI, Joris says.

“I started thinking of the AI as a character. … What if the machine got conscious of what she’s literally doing?"


Director/Editor/Grade/Supporting VFX: Joris Bacquet

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