Sore Loser For Love


Scott McCullough
Thursday, Sep. 12, 2019


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Set within the subjective framework of the mind and of the memory, our experience and message will be unique for any observer if we keep it ambiguous. As if to say, the remnants of love or infatuation are stripped bare within the mindset and passions of the musicians and even of the girl.

The performance is unapologetic while the expression distraught emotions simmer just beneath the surface through images of a woman we can never see completely. Perhaps it was a soul-crushing experience or maybe an attempt to heal by addressing the heartbreak head on.


Agency / Production Company: Edge Of Reason, Beat Royalty Group Creative Director / Writer / Director: Scott McCullough, Producer:  Scott McCullough, Chris Kooreman, Director of Photography: Scott McCullough, Editor: Scott McCullough

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