"Spacing Out"


Tuesday, May. 18, 2021


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The Oasis program was a fleet of fuel carriers dispatched through space. This gave scouting ships the opportunity to refuel and explore deeper parts of the galaxy. The crews were strictly women in order to maximize chances of survival and longevity of the missions. Years go by, maybe decades. No sunrise nor sunset. Lost forever in the depths of space. So why not hang out on the deck with a glass of ice cold Kerosene and enjoy the view?

A surrealistic catwalk in a magic environment created by integrating CGI and motion graphics with live action. A chance to dream off for a minute while exploring new boundaries in beauty and fashion. 


Director: Omar Perineau
Featuring: Camille Anna, Ellis Brakenhoff, Caitlin Soetendal
Casting Elite Models Amsterdam, Esther van der Weide
Concept Art: Richard Raaphorst
Director of Photography: Daan Nieuwenhuijs
Styling: Dieudonée Bouwman
Hair: Blanca Murcia
Make-up: Alexandra Leijs
Editor: Brian Ent
Music Fred Falke
Sound Design: Gijs Stollman
Title Art: Luiz Risi
Lead VFX: Lise Prud’homme
VFX: Alex Taylor, Gustavo Brigante, Shaun Tsou, Tim van der Wiel, Randy Roemon, Bart van Brussel
Production: Omar Perineau Films

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