The Strokes - "Ode To The Mets"


Monday, Jul. 27, 2020


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Feeling more like an art installation or visual poem than a music video, Warren Fu of Partizan directs an animated epic for The Strokes’ “Ode to the Mets.” For the six and a half minute journey, we are continuously pulled back through 8 different chapters. From the prehistoric era, to an abandoned school gym, to an underwater New York City, the viewer seamlessly drifts through these worlds like a ghostly spectator.

Though “Ode to the Mets” wasn’t a designated single off The Strokes’ latest album The New Abnormal, Fu approached the band with a visual hook that came to him when he was listening to the song in February, having envisioned a long, continuous single shot film, pulling back through space and time.


Directed by Warren Fu
A Partizan Entertainment Production

Produced by Joel Kretschman
Executive Producer Sara Nix

Chapter 1 - Ancient Era
Artist: Ratha Nou & Aaron Baker

Chapter 2 - Street
Artist: Wesley Kandel
Produced by Brian Covalt at Moving Colour

Chapter 3 - School
Artist: Aaron Baker

Chapter 4 - Toys
Directed by Sam Mason

Chapter 5 - Circuitry
Artist: Anthony Scheppard

Chapter 6 - Speakeasy
Artist: Wesley Kandel
Produced by Brian Covalt at Moving Colour

Chapter 7 - Underwater
Artist: Aaron Baker

Chapter 8 - Moon
Artist: James Morr at Arcade
Graphics by James Morr

Additional Story Development & Research: Elissa Nechamkin

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