"Surfing Sucks" Directed By Win Brooks


Raging Artists
Wednesday, May. 31, 2023


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"Surfing Sucks" is a :45 featuring the ...Lost surfboard brand. With this spec spot, mixed media director, writer, and editor win Brooks lays out the many reasons why kooks (aka rookies) should absolutely NOT learn to surf. It’s a bold bit of reverse psychology employing a number of filmmaking techniques. Roughly :25 of mixed media adeptly conveys the notion that popularity has killed the sport; the spot then shifts gears and gets us amped up (excited), transitioning to the greenroom (inside the barrel, the tube, the curl of the wave - c’mon, do we have to explain everything??), capturing the majestic beauty of surfing.


Brand: …Lost
First Air Date: Spec
Site: https://winbrooks.com/dont-start

Production Company/Location: The Crack of Noon/Los Angeles
Director: win Brooks

Editorial Company/Location: The Crack of Noon
Editor: win Brooks

Composers: Eddie Brooks and Sir Richard Bishop

Sound Design Company/Location: The Crack of Noon
Sound Designer: win Brooks

Special Thanks to: Matt Kleiner, Sir Richard Bishop and Mason Ho

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